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Please see some of the happy clients that have been funded by our lender.

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What small business owners are saying about us

At Company Credit Capital, we strive to provide flexible financing solutions and exemplary service to small business owners. But don’t take our word for it. Below are some of the testimonials that our merchants have shared with us.

I have never worked with a company that has made things easier and had everything ready to go!

Steve, Restaurant in Florida

Company Credit Capital provided the short term financing we needed to make it over the rough terrain our business hit earlier in the year. Their process is straight forward and efficient and funding was much quicker than any other financing option. Thanks for your help in getting us back to calmer waters.

James, Auto Rental Business in Pennsylvania

For small businesses that accept credit cards, the merchant cash advance product is a great way to access needed cash to meet cash flow requirements and with a minimum amount of paperwork.

Chuck, Window Repair Business Owner in Texas

I remember sitting at my desk stressing about how long it would take me to save up enough money for new equipment I needed to help my business grow. I called Company Credit Capital, faxed my information and was approved. It was that easy. We were able to use the funds wisely and we made it work for us.

Ben, Auto Repair Shop Owner in California

Company Credit Capital has been invaluable to my company over the last few years. Our business was hit hard by the downturn in the economy. Because we struggled to stay open during that time, we were unable qualify to borrow from our banks. We found ourselves needing some upgrades to our restaurant. We had also gotten behind in our revenue taxes, and were watching penalties and interest increase at an alarming rate! I began to lose hope that we would ever get out of the hole we were in.

Our business had picked back up, but we couldn’t find anyone willing to help us due to our credit and tax situation. I learned about CCC through a friend of mine who was in the same situation. Over the last few years, CCC allowed us to pay off our back taxes, and got us the money to make the upgrades that we needed so badly, all within just a few days!

The people at CCC were helpful and understanding; and I would highly recommend them to any business like mine that is not in the position to go after conventional funding sources. Thanks CCC, I don’t know what we would have done without you!

Frank, Restaurant Owner in New York

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I achieved my dreams with the great financial help from Business Financial Services. You have the business base to grow? Company Credit Capital are the people you need to know!

Jerry, Restaurant Owner in Florida

Payback is simple and my business may not be doing so well had it not been for the increased cash flow when needed!

Sherry, Retail Business Owner in Georgia

Company Credit Capital is extremely easy to work with. They also are friendly and timely.

Omar, Retail Electronics Owner in Mississippi

Company Credit Capital has really helped us grow our shop when times were difficult. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Daniel, Auto Shop Business Owner in Michigan

I have been dealing with CCC for over two years now and each time it gets easier to renew. It’s a good way to get some cash flow and not worry about having to worry about payments and a simple process!

Suzanne, Restaurant Owner in Colorado

In a time where credit for the small business owner is restricted, it is a blessing to have a company like CCC to buy our receivables.

Jack, Pet Store Owner in Illinois

I have been with the company for several years and enjoy the staff. The staff makes you feel like family and takes care of our business needs. The rapport I have with CCC is wonderful and will continue to have them serve my business needs.

Mr. Choy, Restaurant Owner in New York

The staff at CCC was extremely helpful and straight to the point about what they could do for me and, with a busy schedule, that’s what I like. They are very recommended for their patience and friendliness, I never felt rushed. They’re awesome!


Sam, Hair Salon Owner in Alaska

I was very pleased with the information I received. The request for documents was sent to me, I provided the needed information and the process went very smoothly. I was pleased with the professionalism and the way the process was completed.

Donna, Restaurant Owner in Utah

Thank you so much to CCC for handling my financial needs when I needed help. They were there for me with their friendly crew.

Joseph, Restaurant Owner in California


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